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Pornography Filtering Pornography Filtering

Dnet Internet Services is a full-service provider that focuses on Internet safety for homes, schools, and businesses. Established in 1994, and a division of Drake Enterprises, Ltd., we are committed to helping you realize the dream of the internet without the nightmare.

Services you will receive as part of your dial-up package for only $19.95/month:

Unwanted junk email (spam) reduction

5 email addresses per account

Email Virus Protection

5 MB of personal webspace

Pornographic Website Filtering *

Unlimited usage

Topnotch Customer Service Support

* Pornography filtering may not be available in locations outside of Western North Carolina & Upstate South Carolina. Please contact us for more information about filtering in your area.

SPAM (unwanted junk email) reduction

The Dnet team works around the clock improving our ability to reduce spam. Our industry-leading spam filters eliminate over 90% of spam destined for Dnet customers.


Email Virus Scanning

On today's internet, more than 400 new viruses infest the web every month, costing businesses tens of billions of dollars in revenue each year. Researchers predict that in 2004, 1 in 100 emails will contain an email virus; and by 2013, 1 in 2 emails will contain a virus.

With server-based email virus protection, Dnet protects your email before it reaches your hard drive. Each email account is protected by virus scanning software that protects you from email attachments. Over 16,000 viruses a month (more than 200,000 viruses a year) are quarantined!


Pornography Filtering

Dnet provides dependable Internet access and pornographic website filtering so you can be part of the information age in a manner that is suitable to your home, your school and your business. We offer the most advanced filter available for blocking inappropriate material, by analyzing the content of the page, not by keywords.